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city hunter
16 September 2011 Ï Friday, September 16, 2011 Ï 0 letters

hey n assalamualaikum :)

entry kali ni pasal cite city hunter
cite ni best gile babeng
paling best lee min ho pon ade :P

sinopsis city hunter

Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) works at the Blue House’s National Communication Network Team and received his Ph.D at M.I.T. Kim Na Na (Park Min Young), a former judo athlete who works as a bodyguard for the President’s residence, the Blue House. Kim Na Na will eventually be involved in a love triangle with Lee Yoon Sung and prosecutor Lee Joon Hyuk (Kim Young Joo). The drama also marks Goo Ha Ra’s acting debut and she will play the role of the President’s daughter, Choi Da Hye.

Kim Nana is former judo athlete who works as the bodyguard at Blue House (Korean president office). She involves in love triangle with Lee Yoon Sung, Blue House’s officer for national communication team and Kim Yoong Su, a prosecutor.

#aku copy n paste jee :D

Lee Min Ho as Lee Yoon Sung 
Park Min Young as Kim Na Na 
Lee Joon Hyuk as Kim Young Jo 
Hwang Sun Hee as Jin Soo Hee 
Goo Ha Ra (구하라) as Choi Da Hye 

lee min hoo
#handsome kn dia? :D

Park Min Young
#cantik kn dia? :D

Goo Ha Ra
#dia ni anggota KARA

 Lee Joon Hyuk

Hwang Sun Hee

cube la tgok cite ni
best gilee laa
kbai :)
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